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  • What type of properties do you deal with?
    All types – but normally properties with a minimum of 2 bedrooms. They can be with or without a garden or parking and the property doesn’t have to be in good condition but nice enough for tenants to move in. If you’re unsure whether your property fits the bill, why not contact us to find out more.
  • How quickly can you take a property on?
    Once we have visited your property, within 24 hours we will make you a fair offer based on market conditions in your area. The price we agree to will be the price we pay for the duration of the contract, regardless of what happens to the market. If the property is vacant, we could be signing contracts and paying the first month’s rent the next day.
  • Does the property need to be furnished?
    Not necessarily. We take on fully furnished, part-furnished and completely unfurnished properties. If you have previously rented to undergraduate students, the furniture may not be the type we normally use and would ask you to remove it. Our customers are professionals and postgraduate students who expect a higher standard of living than most undergraduate students. This would be reflected in the offer we make you.
  • How do I recieve rental payments?
    We will set up a monthly standing order direct to your bank account for the agreed rent. The transfer will be made on the same day every month for the duration of the contract.
  • What are your fees?
    We don’t take fees from landlords. Nor do we charge tenant finder fees or the usual sky-high management fees. We make our profit from the difference between what the customer pays us and what we pay you.
  • I have a full portfolio of properties; do you take on multiple houses from one person?
    Yes that’s not a problem. We can take on one or 20 houses from you, provided they meet our criteria.
  • I have some friends who are also Landlords. Could you help them too?
    Yes we could. When you recommend a friend we pay you a referral bonus of £200 per property that we take on.
  • How much wear and tear can be expected to see in a shared household?
    Lots of landlords are put off by the idea of sharers in their property as they believe the houses will suffer more wear and tear. This just isn’t true when letting to E&A Management. At the end of the term contract the property is returned as it was received.
  • How can I be assured the property won't get damaged?
    This has never happened to us for two main reasons. First, we only allow working professionals or mature/postgraduate students to rent the property; and second, we regularly inspect the house to make sure the property is in great condition.
  • Who will pay for ongoing repairs?
    As the landlord you will still be responsible for all the usual repairs and safety checks, the difference is we will manage it for you. We can arrange everything for you, so you just have to confirm and pay. We always provide a quote for larger maintenance work before proceeding. You also are more than welcomed to use your own contacts for repairs if need be.
  • Will I have to deal with the tenants?
    No, we are essentially now your tenants. We deal with all of our customers’ phones calls, emails, viewings, meetings etc. We do all the legwork for you, so you can relax.
  • What happens if one of your customers damages something in the house?
    We will cover the cost to get it fixed immediately, and then we will charge our customers. You would only be responsible for normal landlord maintenance, i.e. gas safety check, PAT tests on your electrical appliances, keeping the hot water system, radiators and water systems working etc. Our contract will state clearly our full responsibilities, along with yours.
  • What happens if one of the customers doesn't pay or is late paying?
    That’s our problem not yours. This very rarely happens in reality, but when it does, we cover the cost and you receive your full rent on time.
  • What input will I have with the property once I sign a contract with you?
    Once we take over the tenancy at the property, if you don’t want to, you wouldn’t have to set foot in the house again until the end of our contract. Of course, if you wanted to inspect the property, that’s fine. We will pay you the agreed rent each month via standing order, and we will give you updates on inspections and any maintenance required, including gas safety checks. We take all the hassle out of being a landlord, no tenant issues, no voids, no missing rents – just guaranteed rent every month and peace of mind.

FAQ's for Landlords

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